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What is QuikKopy?

QuikKopy is an image copying utility written in Perl, designed for use on Linux. It makes use of the graphics library ImageMagick to allow image manipulation to be applied in bulk to multiple images. I wrote it because I couldn't find a suitable linux replacement for the handy image manipulation utilities you get in Windows XP for use with digital cameras.

What features does it have?

More will be added given time, and I plan to create a graphical frontend version at some stage in the future.


Download the tar file, unpack it and place the quikkopy.pl and QuikKopy.pm modules somewhere in your path:
# tar -zxf quikkopy-x.xx.tar.gz
# cp quikkopy.pl /usr/local/bin
# cp QuikKopy.pm /usr/local/bin
Now you simply run quikkopy.pl and follow the prompts.

Using QuikKopy

I own a FujiFilm 2800 Zoom digital camera, so under linux I mount the camera as:
You need to setup an fstab entry before you can do that:
/dev/sda1               /mnt/usb                vfat    noauto,user     0 0
I also have a image library, where i store all my images :
To copy my photos from the camera to my library is simple:
$ mount /mnt/usb
$ quikkopy.pl
QuikKopy will then prompt for information about your photos. After you have entered your requirements, you will be prompted with a confirmation dialog:
QUIKKOPY Confirmation
Source Directory: /mnt/usb/dcim/100_fuji
Destination Directory: /media/photos File prefix: MyBirthday Image transformation type: RESIZE
Image resize percentage: 40

QuikKopy will now copy all the images from the source to the destination,
and perform whatever transformation operations you have requested.

Is this OK? (Y/N) [ Y ]:
And then the copying process will begin:
Copied '/mnt/usb/dcim/100_fuji/dscf00001.jpg' => '/media/photos/MyBirthday/MyBirthday0001.jpg'
And then the resizing:
Wrote new resized image: MyBirthday0001.jpg (width: 512, height: 384)
You will get a summary at the end of the process:
Total Files Copied:          89
Total Files Resized:         85
Copied files total size:     83674637
Resized files total size:    4406093

Command line options

In version 0.20 the following command line options have been added to make it easier to use:
Usage: ./quikkopy [-i] [-q] [-s] [-r] [--pre <file prefix>]
                  [--src <source dir>] [--dest >destination dir>]
                  [--trdir <transform dir extension]

Options:     -i : Interactive setup, prompts for options
             -q : Quiet mode, only displays error messages (if any)
             -s : Save options to config file, automatically loaded next time
             -r : No resize - use this option so that you don't have resized images created

Known Bugs

Sub-directories are not yet supported.

Release History

QuikKopy (c) 2003 Evan Davey <evandavey@NOSPAM.optusnet.com.au>

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